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Shopping a sales event

Our unique sales events

Each sale is dedicated to products or services from a single designer brand. During each sale you are able to choose from a large selection of original branded products of the highest quality. offers discounts ranging from 50% to 80% off recommended retail prices.

We provide brands from the fashion, fashion accessories, homewares, toys, sports products, electronics and children's goods categories.

The solid relationships which we have built with our brand partners guarantees the authenticity of all products sold on our website.

Before the sale

The sale invitation email

You are informed of our upcoming sales by a sale invitation email which is sent on the morning of the sale. These invitations introduce the brands as well as the sale’s start and finish dates and provide a link to set a reminder.

Add to calendar reminder

If you prefer, you can add our sales to your favourite online calendar service. For this, simply click on ‘Event Reminder’ on the relevant sale on the homepage.

The home page

The upcoming sales are displayed on our home page a few days before they open. They are displayed at the bottom of the page in the Coming Soon section and a quick overview of the product, provide a link to tell friends about upcoming events and event reminders.

During the sale

Simply visit or as early as possible when a sale starts. The opening times of a sale are given in our sales invitation emails and in the banner on the home page of the website.

To log in use the email address and password you provided when you registered at you can also access the site by clicking on the “Go to the sale” link in each invitation email.

On the home page, choose the sale you are interested in and click ‘Go to the sale’.

Add all the items you wish to order to your shopping basket. The items will be kept in your basket for 15 minutes, after which your basket expires. The contents of your basket will only be yours once you have provided a delivery address and paid for your order.
The estimated dispatch date of your parcel is indicated at the payment stage along with the delivery charges.

While the sale is still open you are able to add to your initial order by selecting as many items that you like. To do so, simply select a product from the same sale. Our system will automatically detect your previous order, and will ask you if you wish to regroup your products. In doing so, you may be asked to pay supplemental delivery charges (the preparation charges will not change)

After the sale

End of a sale

Our sales are limited in time and therefore generally only last 3 days. It is not possible to place an order from a sale once it has finished. The opening times of a sale are given in our invitation emails as well as on the home page of the website.
On occasion we may close a sale early or leave it open for longer. These changes will be announced on the home page of the website.

Order preparation and shipment

Once you have placed your order and it is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation showing the details of your order. In the weeks following the end of the sale, we prepare your parcel and dispatch your order.

Delivery tracking

You can locate your parcel anytime by logging into your buyinvite account and clicking to My Delivery, or by going to My account / My orders sections of the website. The estimated dispatch date is indicated just before you confirm your payment. It depends from the reception date of the supply goods in our warehouse. So, we are able to dispatch your order.

Delivery normally takes place 5 working days after your parcel is dispatched from our warehouses.