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Payment security

To ensure that you can buy with confidence on our website we use the eWay platform, Australia's leaders in online payment security.

Your bank card details are encrypted on your computer and then sent over a secure server for authorisation where your details are verified with your bank to avoid fraud. This server uses Verisign 512-bit SSL encryption technology, one of the most widely used and most effective in the world.

Once your payment has been accepted, your details are not kept on file - this is why we ask you for your card details each time you order on

Should you suspect that your card has been used fraudulently, we recommend that you contact your bank or card issuer immediately.

Is it possible to be debited once the order has been dispatched or pay on delivery?

We organise sales events for our partner brands. These brands set aside a limited amount of stock for each sale, and this stock cannot be changed afterwards. For this reason we cannot reserve an order ahead of time (and have the items deducted from our total sale stock) if payment has not been confirmed.

Once the sale is closed and after your payment is completed, we order from our suppliers the quantity of products sold in order to dispatch your goods as quickly as possible.