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Payment methods and accepts the following payment methods for your orders:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express

You can also use any coupons and store credit you may have available to pay for your order. A list of your available coupons will be displayed automatically in your basket. Simply select which one(s) you would like to use before confirming your order.

For maximum security we use a payment gateway built by Westpac, eWay and Verisign, all leaders in online payment security. When completing your order, simply select the card type of your choice. You will then be directed to the secure payment platform.

Payment methods

For payment by credit card

After entering your card details on our secure payment platform (Westpac, eWay and Verisign), our servers will exchange data with the servers of our banking partners. If your payment is accepted and your order confirmed, you will automatically be sent an email confirmation. Your bank account will be debited within 1 working day if you pay by card.

For payment with coupons

Any coupons you choose to use towards an order are redeemed immediately. If the total value of the coupons you have chosen to redeem is greater than the value of your order, the difference will not be refunded to your account. Once your order has been validated your coupons will disappear from the My account / My coupons page.