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General tech tips to shop easily

This page lists some of the more common navigation problems that our members have encountered.

Website access

Difficulties in accessing our website may be due to a large number of people trying to connect at the same time.

From time to time you may be unable to access a sale. Should this happen, we encourage you to try again later.

Occasionally you may encounter network problems (error messages may appear). We work very hard to reduce the number of these incidents, but the causes are often outside of our control.

Website navigation

As you are navigating our website, certain problems may cause error messages to appear on your screen

Make sure you are navigating smoothly by enabling cookies.  In order for the site to function correctly, your browser must have cookies enabled to access our sales.

Pages that do not display correctly

Should certain pages not display correctly, we recommend that you log out of, restart your web browser, and then log back in. Equally you could try pressing the refresh (F5) button.

Interrupted connection

Occasionally your internet connection or your web session may be interrupted. This can be caused by repeated use of the Back and Forward buttons. If this occurs we recommend that you log out of, restart your web browser, and then log back in.

You could also try clearing your cookies and your browser history.

If you were about to place an order, your basket will be automatically cleared after a 15 minute delay.

If you need help completing your order you can contact our Member Relations Service at (02) 9317 4900 from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

Receiving sales invitation and reminder email

Access to the website is possible via sales invitation emails In some instances, notably when using a company email account, the html format of our emails is not displayed correctly by the email client.

We recommend clicking on the link provided at the top of the email to view the content in your web browser. It is also possible to change your personal email address to use a webmail service such as Hotmail, Optusnet, Bigpond, Gmail or Yahoo mail.

Simply visit the My Account / My personal details section of the website to do so. You can change your email address as many times as you need to.

Problems that may occur in receiving sales invitation and reminder emails

Here are some tips to solve the most regular problems encountered receiving our email:

  • An anti-Spam filter may be activated in your email client, and may be blocking emails from If this is the case we recommend setting your filter to accept emails from the following email address “”
  • Certain email clients use a “blocked/allowed user” system to reduce Spam. We recommend you check your settings to make sure that emails from our website are not included on your list of blocked senders.
  • Your Internet service provider is having problems receiving emails. If this is the case we recommend you contact your service provider directly. You have asked to not receive sales invitation emails. To re-active receiving sales invitation emails, please click here.